Your question: What is the electric flux through the surface of the sphere?

The direction of electric field in each segment of sphere is the same i.e. outward normal. … This expression shows that the total flux through the sphere is 1/eO times the charge enclosed (q) in the sphere. The total flux through closed sphere is independent of the radius of sphere .

What is the electric flux through the surface of A sphere due to A point charge of 1c lying outside it?

Answer: Zero. Explanation: According to gauss law, the net flux passing through a surface is proportional to the charge enclosed within the surface.

What is the electric flux through the sphere due to this charge?

According to Gauss’s law, the net flux through the sphere is zero because it contains no charge.

How do you find the result of electric flux through the sphere?

Calculate (a) the magnitude of the electric field at any point on its surface, (b) the angle that the electric field at a point on the surface makes with normal to the surface at that point, and (c) the electric flux that passes through the entire surface of the sphere. (a) E = kq/r2 = {9.

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What is the electric field due to an infinite line of charge?

-Electric field due to a line charge: E=2kλr where λ is the line charge density of the line charge and r Is the distance of the point from the charge. – Ohm’s law: J=σE where J is the current density and σ is the electrical conductivity and E is the electric field.

What is flux through a closed sphere having q charge at Centre?

CASE 1: Consider an enclosed spherical surface with a charge q at its centre. From Gauss’ law we can say that the flux through this sphere is q/ϵ0.

Does electric flux depend on surface area?

Gauss’s law of electricity, which is included within the fundamental laws of electromagnetism, states that the electric flux through a closed surface with electric charge inside, just depends on the net charge enclosed in the surface and does not depend the shape or size of the surface.

Is electric flux a vector quantity?

Is Electric flux a scalar or a vector quantity? Answer: Electric flux is a scalar quantity. It is a scalar because it is the dot product of two vector quantities, electric field and the perpendicular differential area.

What is the angle in electric flux?

If the electric field is uniform, the electric flux passing through a surface of vector area S is ΦE=E⋅S=EScosθ Φ E = E ⋅ S = ES cos ⁡ where E is the magnitude of the electric field (having units of V/m), S is the area of the surface, and θ is the angle between the electric field lines and the normal ( perpendicular ) …

What does a radial direction of an electric field signify?

Radial Coordinate System: The electric field of a point charge is defined in radial coordinates. … This means that because the charges are both positive and will repel one another, the force on the test charge points away from the original charge.

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