You asked: What’s the electric field inside the conductor for a r b?

How do you find the electric field inside a conductor?

This follows from the rule that whenever there is a surface charge layer, the electric field changes with ∆E = 4πσ. Since the field inside the conductor is zero, ∆E = |E|. Suppose we know that some region contains a charge density ρ( r).

What is the charge inside a conductor?

Hence in order to minimize the repulsion between electrons, the electrons move to the surface of the conductor. Hence we can say that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

What is the direction of force in an electric field?

The electric field direction points straight away from a positive point charge, and straight at a negative point charge.

Can electric field inside a conductor be non zero?

Can the electric field inside a conductor be non zero? The answer is NO. Electric field inside a conductor is always zero. Reason: The electricity conducting free electrons are only present on the external surface of the conductor.

Why is electric field inside a sphere zero?

The electric field immediately above the surface of a conductor is directed normal to that surface. … Now, the gaussian surface encloses no charge, since all of the charge lies on the shell, so it follows from Gauss’ law, and symmetry, that the electric field inside the shell is zero.

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What happens when an insulator is placed in an electric field?

When an insulator, also called the dielectric, is placed in an electric field, it gets polarised. The polarised dielectric reduces the effective electric field.