You asked: What will be the value of electric field at the Centre of dipole?

What is the value of electric field at the Centre of dipole?

Therefore, electrical field at point p is the question mark. Since the total distance between the charges is d and this point is the center of the dipole, therefore this distance will be equal to d over 2.

What is the electric field at the Centre of the dipole?

The electric dipole moment, in the case of a simple electric dipole, points from the negative charge to the positive charge and has a magnitude equal to the strength of each charge multiplied by the distance between the charges. Using the equation, we can calculate the electric field created by a point charge.

Where is electric field zero in dipole?

There is a spot along the line connecting the charges, just to the “far” side of the positive charge (on the side away from the negative charge) where the electric field is zero.

What is the value of electric field?

the magnitude of the electric field (E) produced by a point charge with a charge of magnitude Q, at a point a distance r away from the point charge, is given by the equation E = kQ/r2, where k is a constant with a value of 8.99 x 109 N m2/C2.

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Is electric flux a vector quantity?

Is Electric flux a scalar or a vector quantity? Answer: Electric flux is a scalar quantity. It is a scalar because it is the dot product of two vector quantities, electric field and the perpendicular differential area.

Why is the electric field inside a conductor zero?

Due to a large number of electrons, the force of repulsion acting in between them is also very high. Hence in order to minimize the repulsion between electrons, the electrons move to the surface of the conductor. Hence we can say that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

What is electric field intensity?

A measure of the force exerted by one charged body on another. Imaginary lines of force or electric field lines originate (by convention) on positive charges and terminate on negative charges.

Can electric field due to a dipole be zero?

Answer. If dipole moment p is zero, then E=0,but then there is no dipole which is simply defined as two equal and opposite point charges separated by finite distance. This is not possible and hence field of a dipole is not zero.

Can an electric field be zero?

For like charges, the electric field will be zero closer to the smaller charge and will be along the line joining the two charges. For opposite charges of equal magnitude, there will not be any zero electric fields.

What are electric fields used for?

The electric field lines flow from positive to negative charges. Such sources are well suited for surface applications such as wound healing, corneal repair or even brain and spinal stimulation with closely-separated, inserted electrodes.

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