Why are electric cables laid little loose between two poles?

Electrical wires are made up of copper which is a metal, metals conduct heat and electricity. … Because of this phenomena the wire undergoes expansion and contraction every single day, thus if the wires were tightly held in the long run the wires might get snapped because of the contraction it faced.

Why electric cables are laid little loose?

Heat makes metallic wire expand and cold makes the material shrink. … This is the reason why wires are kept slightly loose when they are laid.

Why are electric cables when laid in summer left a little loose?

Electric wires/cables expand as temperature rises. Length of these wires and calculated expansion is taken into account when they are installed. In summer the wires become warmer and so expand in both length and diameter. That is why they sag.

Why telephone wires have gaps?

Solution: (a) Most telephone wires are made out of copper, which contracts with drop in temperature and hence breaks in winter if it becomes too tight between the poles. (c) The gaps are left between the successive rails for making space for their expansion when there is rise in temperature in summers.

Why are electric transmission wire stretched tightly when they are laid in winter?

the electric transmission lines are stretched tightly in winter due to the decrease in temperature where the wires contract and in summer the situation is opposite . The thermal expansion due to heat loosens and expands the wires..

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Why do electric wires appear tight on cold days?

Metals expand with heat and contract with cold. The higher temperatures in summer make the copper expand – so the lines get slightly longer. In winter, the reverse happens – the lines contract and tighten up.