Which element is used in solar cells Mcq?

Because of its unique internal atomic structure and its ready availability, silicon is widely used for solar cells. One of the elements of the Periodic Table of the Elements, silicon is known as a semiconductor, a substance that conducts electricity when there is a change to its environment.

Which material is used in solar cell Mcq?

The most common semiconductor material named Silicon is used for solar cell.

Which element is used in solar cells * 1 point?

The element silicon is used for making solar cells.

Is CS used in solar cell?

Among the given metals, Cesium(Cs) has lowest ionization enthalpy. Hence it loses electrons readily. Therefore, cesium is used in solar cells.

Why silicon is used in solar cell?

Silicon is one of the optimum semiconductors that is used for solar cell production because of its superior electronic properties, optical properties, thermal properties and mechanical as well as environmental properties. In addition to its availability, manufactureability, and cost.

What are the advantages of solar cells Mcq?

The main advantages of solar energy are reliability, predictability, uninterruptible, low maintenance, free of cost, no pollution, and performance is good. We can use solar energy directly to heat the water, lighting, cooking, passive heating, to charge the portable devices, attic ventilation, inverter and cooling.

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Is germanium used in solar cells?

Germanium serves as the bottom layer of the most efficient existing type of solar cell, but is used primarily on NASA, military and commercial satellites because of the high expense – raw germanium costs about $680 per pound. … Germanium is a semiconductor at the bottom of “multijunction” solar cells.

Which metal is used for increasing the efficiency of solar cells?

Copper Increases Efficiency of Solar Cells.