What orientation of the dipole will give zero torque and maximum electric potential energy?

Where is the location of zero electric potential energy for an electric dipole?

The potential at infinity is zero, and the potential at the midpoint of the dipole, due to the charges on the dipole, is also zero. The potential difference is zero, so no net work is done.

At what orientation the potential energy of dipole is maximum?

When the angle between the dipole moment and electric field is 180° then the potential energy of electric dipole is maximum.

In which orientation is potential energy of an electric dipole zero in a uniform electric field?

From the above equation, we can see that the potential energy of dipole placed in an external field is zero when the angle Ɵ is equal to 90° or when the dipole makes an angle of 90°.

Where does electric potential equal zero?

The electric potential from a single charge is defined to be zero an infinite distance from the charge, and the electric potential associated with two charges is also defined to be zero when the charges are infinitely far apart.

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What does it mean when electric potential is zero?

What zero potential means, roughly, is that the charges in your system have cancelled out. For example exactly half way (or otherwise equidistant from them) between two equal and oppositely charged point charges, potential is zero.

In which situation the potential energy of dipole is maximum and minimum?

The potential energy of the dipole is minimum when the dipole is parallel to the external electric field. Also, it is the maximum when the dipole is anti-parallel to the external electric field.

When a uniform field is a dipole experience?

Now, In a uniform electric field, both the point charges comprising the dipole will experience force, equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Though the net force will always be zero, the torque will be in the same direction for both the charges. Hence torque will not be zero.

At what potential energy is minimum?

When a person will be lying on the ground then he will be having a minimum or zero height above the ground. Hence the potential energy of the person will also be the minimum one.

When the torque is maximum and zero on dipole in a field?

Torque is maximum when dipole is held perpendicular to the field.

In what orientation does an electric dipole experience a zero torque?

When dipole moment ‘p’ is parallel or antiparallel to electric field ‘E’ , the net torque is zero, but there is a force on the dipole E which is not uniform.