What is the range of a 2014 Ford Focus Electric?

How many miles can a Ford Focus Electric go?

On a full charge, it can travel 76 miles. These estimates are on the low end for an electric car, as others, like the Nissan Leaf (84 miles) and the subcompact Chevrolet Spark EV (82 miles), do slightly better. The Focus Electric bucks the trend of battery-powered cars with boring driving dynamics.

How do you charge a 2014 Ford Focus Electric?

Alternative Fuels/Charging

The Ford Focus Electric can be charged from a typical 120-volt home outlet or an optional 240-volt quick-charging station. With a 120-volt outlet, Ford says it takes about 20 hours to charge the Focus Electric. Charging time decreases to about four hours with the 240-volt charging station.

How much does it cost to replace a Ford Focus Electric battery?

Ford Focus Hybrid High Voltage Battery Replacement Cost Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $502 and $633 while parts are priced at $23,057. This range is based on the number and age of Ford Focus’s on the road.

Does the Ford Focus Electric take gas?

However, depending on how you drive the vehicle, you may use both gasoline and electricity during the first 21 miles following a full charge.

Compare Side-by-Side.

2018 Ford Focus Electric
EPA Fuel Economy 1 gallon of gasoline=33.7 kWh Show electric charging stations near me 115 miles Total Range
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