What is inside an electrical substation?

A: A typical substation contains equipment including transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays and associated controls, a control building, steel supporting braces and batteries. … There are typically four of these circuit breakers that are located inside the substation control building.

What is inside a substation?

Substations consist of high voltage electrical e​quipment like transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers and associated devices. Transformers step down the high voltage electricity coming in on the transmission lines, to a much lower voltage suitable to send out on distribution wires.

What happens at an electrical substation?

As a junction point in the grid, a substation often serves as the termination of many individual power lines. This creates redundancy, making sure that the substation stays energized even if one transmission lines goes down.

Is it OK to live near a substation?

There is some concern that pylons and substations near homes (or businesses) can pose potential health problems for people nearby. … However, EMFs emitted by pylons and substations can raise the risk of developing health problems when placed close to people and buildings.

Are substations harmful?

Substations are part of the electricity supply network and their size may vary depending on whether they are built to supply homes or industry. … Because it is a substation, it is not hazardous in itself, but will be surrounded by an electromagnetic field.

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What are different types of substations?

Types of Electrical Substations based on Applications

  • Step up Substation.
  • Step Down Substation.
  • Primary Substation.
  • Secondary Substation.
  • Distribution Substation.
  • Mobile Substation.
  • Industrial Substation.
  • Converter Substation.

Why is substation needed?

To step up or step down AC voltage using transformer(s)

Thus more energy can be delivered to do useful work. Voltages at the distribution end need to be stepped down for utilization by customers. Substations provide the necessary real-estate to install a transformer for power transmission and distribution.

What is 11kv substation?

11 KV Substation. Pole-Mounted Sub-Station: 1. It is a distribution sub-station placed overhead on a pole. It is the cheapest form of substation as it does not involve any building work.

What is the difference between a substation and a transformer?

A transformer is an electrical machine which either steps up, or steps down, voltage. A substation is a location where transformation and/or switching takes place. In its simplest form, a substation can be a pole- or pad-mounted transformer, together with its protective equipment (hv and lv fuses).

What is converting substation?

In DC power transmission lines, converter substations are used to convert a three-phase current to a direct current (rectification) at the sending end of the line and to achieve a reverse conversion (inversion) at the receiving end of the line.