Quick Answer: What is the function of galvanometer in electric circuit?

Galvanometer, instrument for measuring a small electrical current or a function of the current by deflection of a moving coil. The deflection is a mechanical rotation derived from forces resulting from the current.

What is the function of galvanometer in the circuit?

The function of the galvanometer is to detect the presence of electric current in a circuit. Galvanometer works on the principle of magnetic effects of electric current. If there is a current in the circuit, the needle in the galvanometer will show deflection. This indicates the presence of current in the circuit.

What is the function of galvanometer Class 10?

Galvanometer is an instrument that can detect the presence of a current in a circuit. When the current flowing through the circuit is zero, the pointer of the galvanometer remains at zero. Depending on the direction of current, the pointer deflect either to the left or to the right of the zero mark.

What is the function of ammeter and galvanometer?

The galvanometer is only used for measuring the direct current, whereas the ammeter is used for measuring the both the direct and alternating current. The sensitivity of the galvanometer is more as compared to the ammeter.

What is the principle of galvanometer?

A moving coil galvanometer works on the principle that a current-carrying coil placed in a magnetic field, experiences a torque. The coil springs along with the radial field ensure the deflection to be proportional to the strength of the current.

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What is the symbol of galvanometer?


Electronic Component Circuit Symbol
Voltmeter Voltmeter Circuit Symbol
Ammeter Ammeter Circuit Symbol
Galvanometer Galvanometer Circuit Symbol
Ohmmeter Ohmmeter Circuit Symbol