Is there electric catfish?

Electric catfish, any of about 18 widely distributed freshwater catfish species native to tropical Africa belonging to two genera (Malapterurus and Paradoxoglanis) of the family Malapteruridae.

Can you eat electric catfish?

“Malapterurus electricus is eaten as food in parts of Africa. Along the shores of Lake Kainji, smoked electric catfish is a popular delicacy (Moller, 1995). Besides being a food fish, M. electricus is also occasionally encountered in the pet trade as an aquarium fish.”

Are electric eels the only electric animal?

About 250 species of electricity-generating fish are known to live in South America, although electric eels (which actually are fish with a superficial eel-like appearance) are the only ones that use their electricity to hunt and for self-defense.

Why do electric fish need to force electric charges to move?

An electric fish uses its weak pulses like radar. Those pulses create an electric field around its body. This acts like a bubble of electric current. When another animal enters that space, the fish detects a distortion in the electric field.

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