Is Ikeja Electric a good place to work?

Very good organization to work with.

How much does Ikeja Electric pay their staff?

Ikeja Electric Salaries

Job Title Salary
Member Of Technical Staff salaries – 2 salaries reported NGN 39,000/mo
Data Miner salaries – 1 salaries reported NGN 100,000/mo
IT Support salaries – 1 salaries reported NGN 175,000/mo
Senior Customer Service Specialist salaries – 1 salaries reported NGN 270,000/mo

How much does Ikeja electric charge per unit?

A: R2 customers on Single Phase (R2SP) will be charged N21. 30 per Kwh while those on three phase (R2TP) will be charged N21. 80 per Kwh.

Who is the MD of Ikeja Electric?

What is the cost of 1 unit?

A unit cost is a total expenditure incurred by a company to produce, store, and sell one unit of a particular product or service. Unit costs are synonymous with cost of goods sold (COGS). This accounting measure includes all of the fixed and variable costs associated with the production of a good or service.

How many kWh is 1 unit?

Energy/Electricity and its units

If you use 1000 Watts or 1 Kilowatt of power for 1 hour then you consume 1 unit or 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWh) of electricity.

How much is a unit of electric?

One unit of electricity is equal to one kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity used.

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Who owns Ikeja Electric?

Ikeja Electric Plc (IE) is the largest Nigerian electricity distribution company. The company emerged on November 1, 2013 following the handover of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to NEDC/KEPCO Consortium under the privatization scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Who is the head of Ikedc?

Folake Soetan – Chief Executive Officer – Ikeja Electric | LinkedIn.