How many people die from electric shocks each year?

Consider the statistics: Electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries each year among the U.S. workforce. Electrocution is sixth among causes of workplace deaths in America.

How many people die per year from electricity?

In the United States, there are approximately 1000 deaths per year, as a result of electrical injuries. Of these, approximately 400 are due to high-voltage electrical injuries, and lightning causes 50 to 300. There are also at least 30,000 shock incidents per year that are non-fatal.

How many people die from electrocution in the US each year?

People are injured or killed by electricity every year. Statistics tell us that there are over 400 electrocutions and over 4000 non-fatal injuries every year in the United States. That is more than one death each day of the week across the country.

How many electricians die each year from electric shock?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Washington, D.C., estimates there are approximately 350 electrical-related fatalities a year, which roughly equals one fatality per day.

How many people die from electric shock at home?

About 400 people are electrocuted at home each year, resulting in about 200 deaths. On average, four people die from an at-home electrocution every week. About 10 percent of all at-home electrocutions are caused by large appliances – roughly the same number as those caused by power tools.

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What job has the most deaths per year?

But workers in the fishing and hunting industry had the highest mortality rates per 100,000 full-time workers, according to BLS, with 145 deaths per 100,000 people. They were followed by loggers, pilots and flight engineers and roofers.

How often do people die of electrocution?

The 5,348 deaths caused by electrocutions accounted for 7% of all fatalities and an average of 411 deaths per year.

How do people die of electricity?

At low currents, AC electricity can disrupt the nerve signals from the natural pacemaker in your heart and cause fibrillation. This is a rapid fluttering vibration, too weak to pump blood. … If this path crosses the heart or brain, then the burn may be fatal.

Is electrician a stressful job?

Electricians, like police officers, firefighters, and deep sea fishermen, make up the frontline of a dangerous job. An electrician is put into a stressful situation if they are assigned hazardous jobs or need to complete a complicated task faster than normal.

Do electricians die a lot?


Electricians install, maintain, and repair power, communications, lighting, and control systems in nearly every type of facility. … For every 100,000 electricians in 2016, 10 died from occupational injuries, nearly three times the national rate.

Can u die as an electrician?

Electrical shocks

Receiving an electrical shock is potentially the biggest danger of an electrician. This is when an electrical current goes through your body. … People survive if they receive an electric shock, but if it’s a massive shock and results in an electrocution then it will lead to death.

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