How do I connect electricity in France?

Getting a New Electricity Supply. If your property does not currently have an electricity supply you will need to make application for such a supply to EDF. More precisely you need to make application to Enedis, who are the electricity supply distributor of EDF.

How do I register for electricity in France?

To start an electricity contract in France, you must contact an electricity supplier directly, or call Selectra’s English-speaking advisors on 09 87 67 37 93 to help you compare and subscribe to an offer. Choose your electricity supplier in France.

Who provides electricity in France?

The historic electricity supplier for electricity, EDF (Electricité de France) is also the largest energy supplier in France, with over 26 million customers (residential and business).

Can you do your own electrical work in France?

This can only be done by a qualified, registered electrical contractor. The above information is intended to explain domestic electrical systems in France, it is not a DIY guide. Electrical installations should only be carried out by qualified, registered electrical contractors for your own safety.

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How do I open an EDF account?

Phone us on 0333 009 7111(1) to set up your account. Share your phone number with us, so that we can let you know when you can top-up and send you handy low-balance alerts. Once set up you can easily top-up online through MyAccount or via the EDF app.

Why is my electricity bill so high in France?

Prices in France have been relatively stable for the past three decades, from the end of the 1980s to the end of the 2000s, largely due to the development of nuclear power. … In contrast, today’s bills are rising in large part due to an increase in taxes, which represent 35% of electricity costs in France.

How much does a bottle of water cost in France?


Product Average Price Price Range
Water (1.5 liter bottle) €0.75 €0.50 – €1.00
Bottle of wine (mid-range) €6.75 €5.00 – €8.00
Domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) €1.84 €1.30 – €2.00
Imported beer (33cl ≃ 11.2oz small bottle) €2.08 €1.50 – €3.00

Do we buy electricity from France?

Most of the UK’s imported electricity comes from France, via the 2 gigawatt (GW) electricity interconnector between the two countries that opened in 1986. The UK imported 4-6% of its power in the 1990s via this link. … The UK also has a 1GW link to the Netherlands and a 0.5GW cable to Ireland.

Is electricity cheaper in France than UK?

Are utility bills cheaper in France than the UK? … Electricity is around 10% cheaper on average in France than it is in the UK. This is the good news compared to gas, which is only marginally less costly, on average. As for water, well, that depends on your supplier.

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How do I pay my bills in France?

You can either arrange to pay by cheque following receipt of your bill or arrange a direct debit (prélèvement automatique). You can also pay by credit card. You can also arrange to pay your bill over the internet by setting up an internet account.

Are French sockets earthed?

French (type E, CEE 7/5 socket, CEE 7/6 plug) … The earth connection is made by an earth pin which protrudes from the socket, and engages with a hole in the plug (there are no side earth strips).

Do English light fittings work in France?

No problem with UK light fittings in France. Your house wiring must be quite old as the regulations have required an earth wire for many years. With the power off, check that the earth has not been tucked away behind the ceiling board. Otherwise, technically you should install an earth.

Can English electricians work in France?

Anybody can do some Electrical work in France as long as he/she has a business registered with the tax and URSAAF (auto entrepreneur, artisan…) now, if you have a jack of all trades business but not registered as a professional Electrician (You have the knowledge but not the CAP diploma, you will not be able to give …