How do I activate my British Gas Electric key?

How do I activate my new electric key?

Using your electricity top up key

  1. Use up all the credit on your meter before you plug in your new key. …
  2. Plug your Bulb key into the meter and wait for 60 seconds. …
  3. Top up at your nearest Paypoint or Payzone. …
  4. After topping up, plug your Bulb key back into your meter and wait for 5 seconds.

Why is my British Gas Electric key not working?

Your meter or key could be broken – wipe any dust on the gold contacts on the key and try again. Check your meter for error messages too. If there is one, check Understanding messages on your meter. If there’s no error message on your meter and your key isn’t working at your local Payzone, then you need a new key.

What do I do if my electric key doesn’t work?

If the machine at your usual top-up outlet isn’t working, you can find another Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet. Give the contacts on your electricity key a clean with a dry toothbrush or cloth. If that doesn’t work, or you think your key is damaged, you might need to get a replacement – fill out this form.

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What happens if my emergency credit runs out?

If you keep running out of credit

If you run out of credit you’ll build up extra debt to your supplier, for example you’ll need to pay back any emergency credit you use. You can agree how to pay it back with your supplier. If it feels like you’re running out of credit too quickly, paying off debt could be the problem.

Can I leave my electric key in the meter?

Your card or key will only work in your meter – which will show you how much money you have left, how much energy you’ve used and what your current meter reading is. We’ve teamed up with Payzone, PayPoint and the Post Office® to make charging your electricity key/card as easy as possible.

Can I use someone else’s electric key?

Someone else can top up on your behalf

They will need to take your key or card with them. They can use our store locator if they’re not sure where to go and want to avoid going into too many different shops.

How do I get my British Gas Electric back on?

Restore my electricity supply using my meter

  1. Look at the meter reading screen on your electricity meter.
  2. Press A twice.
  3. Press B to restore the electricity supply.

How do I contact British Gas out of hours?

Call the Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999.

Is electric cheaper on a key meter?

Yes, prepayment meters are one of the most expensive ways to pay for your energy because gas and electricity are both charged at a higher rate.

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Why is my electric Key saying error D2?

Updated 18/09/2020 – An error D2 message is related to the key itself, so we advise trying to re-insert the key again. If this fails, get in touch. Send us a message us on Facebook or Twitter. There’s other helpful info here.

Will my old electric key still work?

Even after you’ve used your first Bulb card, you can still use your old card. You should use your old card’s credit before you use your new one. You won’t be able to use a previous one with electricity keys.