Does Chevy have an all electric vehicle?

Does Chevy have a fully electric car?

The Chevrolet Silverado electric full-size pickup is designed from the ground up to be an EV, harnessing the best of the Ultium Platform and Silverado’s proven capability. The electric Silverado will offer customers a GM-estimated range of more than 400 miles on a full charge*.

Is GM going to all-electric cars?

General Motors plans to completely phase out vehicles using internal combustion engines by 2035, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra announced Thursday. … The automaker will go completely carbon neutral at all facilities worldwide by 2035.

Is Chevy switching to electric?

General Motors just confirmed it’s making an all-electric version of the Chevy Silverado pickup truck, the company’s bestselling vehicle. The new truck will be powered by GM’s new EV battery and will offer around 400 miles on a full charge.

What Year Will electric cars take over?

By 2035, California will ban the sale of gas-powered cars in an effort to address climate change and push drivers toward electric vehicles.

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