Did Sunoco buy energy transfer?

Sunoco Logistics to acquire Energy Transfer Partners in $20 billion combo. Sunoco Logistics on Monday announced a nearly $20 billion merger with Energy Transfer Partners, which oversees the disputed Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Does Sunoco own energy transfer?

SUN’s general partner is owned by Energy Transfer Operating, L.P., a subsidiary of Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET). For more information, visit Sunoco LP. … The Partnership partners with a broad customer base composed of producers, processors, gatherers and transporters of natural gas and crude oil.

How much of Sunoco does energy transfer own?

Energy Transfer owns controlling interests in Sunoco LP, 100% of Sunoco Logistics Partners Operations L.P., the general partner of USA Compression Partners L.P., 100% of Lake Charles LNG, which owns an LNG import terminal and regasification facility near Lake Charles, Louisiana, 9,400 miles (15,100 km) of natural gas …

Who owns Sunoco Logistics?

Who bought Energy Transfer Partners?

On April 2, 2018, USA Compression Partners (USAC) acquired Energy Transfer subsidiaries, CDM Resource Management LLC and CDM Environmental & Technical Services LLC. As part of the transaction, ETE acquired the ownership interests in the general partner of USAC.

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How many locations does energy transfer have?

(NYSE: SUN) is a master limited partnership that distributes motor fuel to approximately 10,000 convenience stores, independent dealers, commercial customers and distributors located in more than 30 states.

Is energy transfer a good investment?

Energy Transfer has continued growth potential on top of its dividends and other spending, as it continues to invest in growth capital. The company is investing more than 5% of its market cap or $1.6 billion in growth capital in 2021 alone.

How does energy transfer make money?

We also earn revenues from other land management activities, such as selling standing timber, leasing fee-based coal-related infrastructure facilities to certain lessees and end-user industrial plants, collecting oil and gas royalties and from coal transportation, or wheelage fees.

What happened to Energy Transfer Partners LP?

Upon closing of the merger, ETE changed its name to Energy Transfer LP, and applied to list its common units on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “ET.” Effective with the opening of market on October 19, 2018, ETP is no longer a publicly traded company and trading of its common units, previously listed on the NYSE under …

What is Energy Transfer LP?

Energy Transfer LP owns and operates a portfolio of energy assets. The Company engages in the operations such as transportation, storage and terminalling, crude oil, NGLs, refined products, and liquid natural gas. Energy Transfer serves customers in the United States.

What happened to Sunoco Logistics Partners LP?

Energy Transfer Partners LP on Wednesday approved a merger with its subsidiary. The combined company, headquartered in Dallas, will begin trading Monday under the ticker symbol “ETP.”

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Did Energy Transfer buy Williams?

In September, after months of trying to negotiate a deal, Energy Transfer agreed to acquire its rival in a transaction that valued Williams at $43.50 a share. … Shares of Energy Transfer closed up 6 percent at $14.41 on Tuesday, while shares of Williams were up 3 percent, at $20.64.