Can I reverse a prepaid electricity?

Can prepaid electricity reversed?

Prepaid electricity tokens are issued per meter number, and once issued on a specific meter number the token can only be used on that specific meter and can therefore not be reversed or refunded.

Can you reverse electricity purchase?

No, you can’t. Once you’ve finished your transaction it can’t be reversed. So, always double-check that the information you have entered is correct before completing your purchase.

How do I reverse an electricity purchase on FNB?

Use Online Banking

Select the reason for disputing the debit order and then select ‘Reverse’ or ‘Stop’. Select ‘Confirm’ to accept the terms and conditions.

Can prepaid meter be transferred?

The commission said any tenant who agrees to buy a prepaid meter for an apartment should work out a mode of compensation with the landlord since he cannot relocate with the meter. … “Meters cannot be transferred by a customer once installed in a premises.

Why is my prepaid electricity meter blocked?

Why is my meter blocked? … This means that the municipality has placed a block on your meter, stopping you from making a prepaid electricity purchases. This means that you would have to contact the municipality directly to sort this out as a token can only be issued once this has been resolved.

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What happens if you buy electricity for the wrong meter?

Once you have purchased a token for a meter, it cannot be reversed or refunded. The tokens are generated by the municipalities and they do not allow any reversals. The customer takes responsibility for the purchase.

How do I buy electricity with TymeBank?

Buying electricity is easy through Internet Banking and the TymeBank SmartApp. Just login and click ‘Buy’ and then ‘Electricity’. Select your amount, type in your meter number and then your cellphone number.

Does a ZESA token expire?

ZESA on credit services are open to active Econet prepaid customers who have been on the network for at least 3 months.

Section A.

Reference Condition Formula
1 Customer must have no pending ZESA on Credit Advance Balance >= 0
2 Customer account must be active Expire Date >= Today

How long does it take to reverse a payment?

If your request is granted, you may want to know how long it takes to rescind a debit card transaction. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for a debit card transaction to be reversed. The duration may be longer in some special circumstances. Some bargains don’t happen the way you or the merchant planned them.

Can I reverse an Authorised debit order?

If your bank determines that the debit order is not authorised by yourself, your bank may reverse the transaction and any related fees. You will not be able to dispute a debit order if the authorisation was done by you using your debit card and PIN.