Best answer: How do you maintain an electrical substation?

How do you maintain a substation?

In simple terms, substation maintenance is a regimen of regular preventative checks and actions carried out to ensure substations are kept in good working order. This process typically consists of a series of stringent visual and physical inspections and actions carried out according to a set schedule.

What are the different types of maintenance carried out in substation?

The substation maintenance includes periodic electrical testing of different parameters of the transformer, being common the checking of some key magnitudes such as turns ratio, excitation current, polarization index, insulation resistance, winding resistance, short circuit impedance, etc.

Why do we need to protect substation?

4. Why Do We Need Protection  The objective of a protection scheme is to keep the power system stable by isolating only the components that are under fault, whilst leaving as much of the network as possible still in operation.

What are the equipment used in substation?

The main equipment required for the substation installations is explained below in details:

  • Lightning Arrestor. Lightning Arrestor is the first member of the electrical substations. …
  • Power Transformer. …
  • Instrument Transformer. …
  • Bus-Bar. …
  • Wave Trapper. …
  • Isolator. …
  • Circuit Breaker. …
  • Batteries.
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What is difference between AIS and GIS substation?

GIS high voltage substation engineering uses the gas sulfur hexafluoride for insulation, whereas AIS uses air insulation in a metal-clad system. … Another significant construction-based difference between the two switchyards is that a metal-clad AIS uses three-position draw-out circuit breakers (on, off and test).

What is preventive maintenance in substation?

Preventive Maintenance (PM) system consists of a routine maintenance action taken in a planned pattern based on the average breakdown rates of the system components or equipment [1]. They are actions taken to improve the condition of equipment for optimal performance and prevent unintended failure or breakdown.

What are the types of substation?

Types of Electrical Substations based on Applications

  • Step up Substation.
  • Step Down Substation.
  • Primary Substation.
  • Secondary Substation.
  • Distribution Substation.
  • Mobile Substation.
  • Industrial Substation.
  • Converter Substation.

What is lightning arrester in substation?

Definition: The device which is used for the protection of the equipment at the substations against travelling waves, such type of device is called lightning arrester or surge diverter. In other words, lightning arrester diverts the abnormals high voltage to the ground without affecting the continuity of supply.