Are electric water heaters FVIR?

Residential water heaters manufactured after 2003 are “F.V.I.R.” (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) compliant. For the most part, this means that the combustion chamber is now sealed. … Due to this change, new water heaters are significantly safer than water heaters manufactured before 2003.

What is an FVIR water tank?

What does FVIR mean? Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) water heaters incorporate design features that make them resistant to igniting flammable vapors such as gasoline, cleaning solvents, and paint thinner outside of the water heater.

Can an electric water heater be enclosed?

Hot water heaters — both gas and electric — can be enclosed. However, insulation blankets are no longer recommended for hot water heaters. … Most defer to manufacturer recommendations when it comes to space allowance for an enclosed water heater.

Do electric water heaters need clearance?

Heater must have room for service: 24” front, 6” top, and 6” sides are minimum recommended service clearances. (A combustible door or removable panel is acceptable front clearance.)

What do all FVIR water tanks have in common?

All FVIR water heater tanks have things in common. 1) A flame arrestor plate. Located under the burner, the metal plate is designed to allow combustion air into the combustion chamber but keep flames from escaping downward and igniting flammable vapors below. 2) Thermal cutoff switch.

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Are Bradford White Water Heaters FVIR?

The Defender Safety System® is the name of Bradford White’s exclusive flammable vapor ignition resistant (FVIR) system. It is a proven feature in many of our residential gas water heaters that resists the ignition of flammable vapors outside of the water heater.

Can electric hot water heater sit on concrete floor?

electric water heater installed on concrete. If the floor is always dry, no worries mate. If it is damp or wet occasionally, then elevating the WH on some bricks or whatever keeps the bottom from rusting. Good.

Is it safe to sleep in a room with a water heater?

It is perfectly safe to sleep in a room with an electric water heater. Gas water heaters should not be placed in a bedroom unless they are direct vent type or separated by a weather-stripped self-close door. The combustion air must always be drawn from the exterior.