Learn extrication techniques for Electric Drive Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Vehicles covered include:

Hybrid Electric • Battery Electric • Fuel Cell Electric
Plug-in Hybrid Electric • Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles

QRG Handbook

  • 100-page guidebook covering all alternative fuel vehicles
  • Includes identifying photos of each make and model
  • Detailed diagrams of the vehicles, switches, and valves
  • Additional photos and diagrams of the underhood components


  • Select vehicle make
  • Select model
  • Choose an option:

  • > Diagram . Identification . Securing Vehicle . WARNINGS


Select from 4 categories of vehicles based on fuel types:

  • Biofuel Vehicles & Flexible Fuel Vehicles
  • Gaseous Fuel Vehicles
  • Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles
  • Electric Drive Vehicles


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  • Find legal and copyright information
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